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--- Quote from: JEFF/21C on March 05, 2023, 09:27:18 AM --- make sure you purge the air out of the cooling system, it has to be vented at the intake any time the rad is lower than the intake.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, gentlemen. Fair warning....I'm probably not out of questions yet. I just don't know enough to know what they are yet! ::)

I think I have filling the cooling system covered. Instead of a "normal" water outlet, I built an aluminum gizmo that mounts at the regular thermostat location that incorporates a regular radiator cap and water outlet tube to the radiator. I bought a neat Dedenbear water outlet/expansion tank at a swap meet but it wouldn't clear my fuel line and carburetor inlet position, so I fabricated mine to fit and serve the same purpose with the cap at the highest point of the cooling system.

Worked on the cowling and a method to incorporate a windscreen. I think I have some polycarbonate around here somewhere......now finding it might be a whole 'nuther issue.


Depending on your intake, the rear water ports in the head need to be vented (burped) to make sure there isn't any air trapped. If the intake has a rear water crossover, great, if not, drill and tap for 1/8" pipe and get a part of AN to 1/8" pipe fittings and a pair of AN caps.  When filling the cooling system, crack the AN caps open and let the system burp the air out.

Thanks. I'll take a good look at the intake tomorrow. I appreciate the tip.


Great work!

I have hopes of firing up the engine tomorrow to see if the wheels go round and round and both directions. I built the engine last Spring/Summer and ran it about 30 minutes on an engine stand to break in the cam. My plan is to pull the spark plugs to take the load off the Pistons and rods and crank it to build oil pressure before putting the plugs back in and actually doing a engine start. I'm praying that everything goes well.



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