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since the late 60's I've always primed the oil system either removing the dist. and using a mechanical adapter and drill or air over oil system that way you don't have any moving parts that might be dry.

Since the engine was run before I thought I'd get by with not removing the distributor again to prime the oil system. I did do that prior to the initial fire-up when I built the engine and ran it to break in the cam for about 30 minutes. Granted, it's been sitting for about 7 or 8 months since that initial run. Since the timing is set I hoped to avoid that "one more thing" to do when I fire it up now and by cranking it for just the few seconds to build oil pressure with the plugs out I thought I'd be OK. My thought is I'll be plenty busy in the first minute or two checking for leaks, monitoring temp and oil pressure and finish filling the transmission (new converter partially filled per converter company's instruction and freshened transmission) once the engine running. If the consensus is to pull the distributor and re-prime with a drill and priming tool, I will. Probably not going to get around to firing it today anyway. :-\


alot of people get away doing it your way,alot of pressure starting up a new build, been doing it since I was a teen and now 75 and I still get nervous

Nice work !


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