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I still have a bit of work to do to the body panels, and a short list (for now) of other small items to finish up before a 1st fire up to see if my FED will move on it's own power. It's been about 16 months to go from what I envisioned to what you see here. I want to thank everyone who gave me ideas and guidance along the way with what has seemed like an endless series of questions and head scratching.


That is a nice job, and for only taking 16 months that was a quick build. I predict many happy times with the car.

Thank you! As it goes to the track it might be a "test-and-tune" Friday night car to just make some passes and (hopefully) sort out any bad habits I might have built into it.


 8) Awesome job, must be so satisfying to seeing reach this stage. I have enjoyed following along with your story so far. I have a saying i use regularly - "The only silly question is the one not asked" so keep asking those questions

nice going! there are no silly question you just have to filter the answers. you should not have any problems looks similar to our car the first time out. make sure you purge the air out of the cooling system, it has to be vented at the intake any time the rad is lower than the intake.


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