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Six Cylinder Drag Vehicles / Re: 6 cyl k88 style questions
« on: January 29, 2019, 06:49:34 PM »
Thanks to both of you for the replies guys!
So, built a 26x30 garage with a gambrel roof(big upstairs)
Kid ran the focus last year and was given it as a present by his older brother we he left for the airforce. (To be clear, the younger kid was borrowing his older brothers car to race)

Wife's been bugging about the mustang, when am I building it?

I picked up some various parts last summer to help the build.

So right now, after replacing a balljoint and some tie rod ends on the focus, I'm still flat out on the garage. xxxx it.
Still looking at the want ads, would be quicker to buy one and put a 300 in it.
Ft I know what you're saying with the pg, I was thinking of one behind the 460 in the mustang....but I!

What did I do to it? Nothing! Sold it last spring and the kid is driving a focus until he gets a real race car built. (My idea actually, start him in sportsman/street class)

Paid $2000 for it and raced it 7 years then sold it for $1700. (Probably spent an easy $4000 in that time replacing engines lol)

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