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Re: RED setup
« Reply #15 on: June 11, 2014, 05:15:40 PM »
Back from the dyno. Engine made 1000 teens at 9400-9600 and still had 540#'s plus torque at 9400 rpm. Peak torque 7900-8100 just shy of 600 ft lbs. Would like to stay under 10,000rpm out the backdoor. Going to start with a 4.71 gear with a leave ratio of 10.5:1. Hoosier 33x12x15 tire on 12" wheel, tire pressure 6 3/4, leaving at peak torque with 70/30 weight distribution, car weight at 1530#, wheeley bar 2 1/2-3" of f track. will probably short shift 1st gear about 9000 rpm, 2nd about 9600 rpm. Assuming converter stall 8700-8900 rpm. Engine configuration is a little odd but we are trying something other than what everybody else is doing. If it doesn't shake the tire, I'll probably have to check the drivers shorts at the end of the track. Even if they are dirty, i'll bet he'll have a big grin on his face. What is the is the prefered way of controlling tire spin/wheel speed? Power? air pressure? rpm? I think I would like to see 690-700 rpm at .8 sec after transbreak release if the tire will hold it. We've been 670 rpm with a 1.025  60' on that tire/wheel combination before but not with this much power. :)