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anti rotation connection
« on: June 13, 2020, 05:32:57 PM »
 I don't guess there is any rule on how anti rotaion has to be bolted.
I need more ground cleartance. About only option is  lowering rearend and motor in chassis. I will nee to rework anti rotation which is wish bone under housing bolted to two tabs. I will have to remove tabs,welded bungs into middle rail under seat and bolt thru it. this will allow me to drop rearend 1" and get little more ground clearance at motor plate. I will also have to remount rearend which I hate but it is what it is. Lowering motor is no big deal except remaking motor front motor plates and cuttine and redrilling rear or m id plate.
I figure to get few more test in before heat get stupid hot and so rework whle it too dang hot out to be wearing a 20 suit and waiting on idiots to run a 500 hp car down a track they spend 10 minutes removing anything on it any where,
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