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welded reverse clutches?

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I would think if the tansbrake didn't release the car would  not move at all ! I f you can't find anything wrong put a pressure gauge on the reverse port and that should tell you what's going on !

its not that it did not release its that I probably engaged it while in motion. Its high/low valve body and being able to engage trans brake in low or high and with dumb azz crew chief/driver/owner screwing with delay box and wiping out lock out I could have engaged it while in motion and had enough to wipe it out. Most of the teeth are gone off clutches and ring gear was almost impossible to remove. Luckily on real damage to ring gear,except some heat. Still going to look at others possibles.

The fact I was sitting in 90* heat waiting on some small tire crap to run 3 pairs and took 30 minutes did not help,also not excuse for stupid mistake. The crew chief is till cussing the driver and the owner is cussing us both. Man I a tiring myself out. LMAO

That could do it ! It's the drivers fault !

If the brake was hit during the run it would have locked up the rear tires in low and done nothing in high (unless its a high gear leave type VB). Im leaning more towards the piston getting cocked in the case. If you are running gaskets make sure they are ok, I have seen them tear and create a "flap" the could hold some pressure in the cavitive. Make sure you have .050 to .070 clearence I lean more towards .070. Good luck with finding the issue.


--- Quote from: masracingtd1167 on June 14, 2020, 08:24:12 AM ---That could do it ! It's the drivers fault !

--- End quote ---

Driver fault hitting button. Crew chief fault for screwing up lock out and owner fault for let us near car, xxxx I am all of them now days. LMAO

It is high/ low valve body. Agree it should lock tires up.I had a button jump out shifter once and do that about 10 feet out. Funny thing othe go=uy though I broke and I clipped him at finish line.

Like I said earlier I am about positive it was trans brake .driver screw up,but I am going to check everything else because jumping to obvious cause has bitten me in azz more times than I can count w/o removing shoes.


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