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welded reverse clutches?

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Ok. I take car out  last weekend.First time this year because of over blown virus crap. Car does long hard burnout,backs up fine. I stage and when I let go car moves but feels more like moped than a race car. I hit throttle shove 2nd and roll on down track.Go back to pits.Look things over.Appears  cable out of adjustment and car might have been in between low and high. Second runa bout the same excpet less go.

I get home and once I get it down only thing hurt is reverse clutch pack,By hurt I mean it is nasty black and welded together. Its not low gear band and that is 150 bucks good thing.Its not high gear clutches,probably because I have two full spare sets. I knew I should have bought spare reverse clutches.

So how the xxxx did I fry reverse?

Maybe wrong trans brake solonoid  they make ( in general) two different travel lengths--get the wrong one travel too short and well,, you fry the reverse--I did it  I actually made a plug was footbraking and it did not hold the thing IN far enough same result

Possible ,but Doubt since it came with valvebody from FTI. Hae been told it might have had trans brake applied during run. Add in that I was screwing with delay box settings prior to second attempt.That sounds very possible.If I screwed up and set the trans brake loc out and then hit button at some point. Good thing is its not low gear band and not expensive fix.Just little time and work.

Chris sounds like the reverse clutch not releasing all the way ! Could the piston be hanging up in the bore ? How much clearance ? It should be about .085 ! Not sure if the linkage could cause that but you could test it on the jack stands with a pressure gauge ! Another thought did you put rubber pieces between your steels in reverse ? They don't fit very well in a powerglide case and can fall out and jam up the reverse plates !   

 I had the rubber pieces and  removed them. I will check piston clearance or should I say recheck. Had a suggestion that transbrake was applied during run. With the way the teeth are ground of fibers I am leaning towards that. Second reason leaning towards transbrake is I was resetting things in box and could have screwed up lock out and with high /low setup I could have done just that. Will still check others because jumping to what seems obvious is not always  good move.


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