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« on: February 21, 2020, 09:16:55 AM »
Over the years, I’ve bought items from FIE plus Spud has upgraded a Vertex mag and Super mag for me.  Each FIE product and service I’ve received were top of the line, no issues and always leaves me in a good mood, especially after talking to Spud.  FIE website is the first place I look (and learn) if I need something that moves electric current or fuel for my race car.
Race cars are not normal, with them comes extreme heat and vibration.  You must do all possible to protect and maintain your components so they perform consistently, especially those delicate components.
My dragster has the FIE Red twist knob mag kill switch.  However, here’s a link to a FIE “Kill Switch” for use with an ignition switch and mag.  Just looking at the schematic, I think this “Kill Switch” will ground the mag with either the ignition switch off, or the main battery disconnect off to end positive current.

I’ve not used this particular “Kill Switch” so didn’t add to the other thread, decided to start my own thread mostly to send some accolades to FIE.  Alan
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