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Shorty Powerglide Conversion

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--- Quote from: lake_harley on January 24, 2020, 07:25:32 AM ---The first description. The shaft was never removed from the planetary. All the work was done at the tail end of the shaft.

"Sharty"  :o I need to proof read a bit better before I post. Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure if I understand exactly what your friend did. Did he shorten the output by taking out a section between the planetary and the splined end? Or, did he remove the shaft from the planetary body and weld the cut off shaft back in? After reading your description several times it sounds like the first scenario, that he machined a "boss" on the planetary end of the shortened shaft and bored the splined end to  press fit it onto the "boss", and then welded it back together.

Sorry if I seem dense, I feel I understand things better if I can put them in my own words to double-check my understanding.


BTW...I was able to correct my typo in the subject line of my posts. I thought it would have changed it for the entire thread title, but it didn't.

--- End quote ---

If this is for the track I'm not sure resplined axles will make it through tech.

Thank you for the direction. I had not checked the "Support" section of their website. $75.00 to respline the output shaft is quite reasonable. I'd be able to get the 8 3/4 Mopar axles done too for $125 for the pair. Doing it through one company would save a bit on shipping too. Seems another question/problem is solved! Thanks!


I'll have to check into using re-splined axles. I'm considering building a FED that would purposely be pretty low 275-300 HP, just to keep from getting things too complicated and expensive. Purpose would be to do some bracket racing. If I see that building one is going to get out of hand, considering what my modest interest is, I'd probably just pull the plug on the project before I start.

Thanks for offering your knowledge.


BK is right, the NHRA rulebook states " Aftermarket axles and axle retention device mandatory on Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Comp, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, and 10.99 or quicker E.T. cars; also mandatory on any car  (regardless of class or E.T.) with a spool." Looks like your combination should run somewhere in the 10 second range so aftermarket axle would be required. Lots of rules and requirements and most all are for safety:)

While you can get by with re-splined axles in a low horsepower and lightweight car, a full size doorslammer running the same times would surely abuse them. Same rule covers both situations so...

Moser os a good place to use.


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