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Shorty Powerglide Conversion

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--- Quote from: lake_harley on January 24, 2020, 11:29:43 AM ---I'll have to check into using re-splined axles. I'm considering building a FED that would purposely be pretty low 275-300 HP, just to keep from getting things too complicated and expensive. Purpose would be to do some bracket racing. If I see that building one is going to get out of hand, considering what my modest interest is, I'd probably just pull the plug on the project before I start.

Thanks for offering your knowledge.


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interested if you've started your project. i've been thinking about something low-budget myself too.
if you did, please update on how's it going, pretyt interested. thanks

Not bad mouthing your need to save money. IMO axles is probably the worst place to do so. A set of lo end after market axles is not that much,especially in the big picture. Heck a set of tires for tow truck cost more. Plus the cost of if one breaks no drivier is going to keep it out of wall. I understand building low HP setup and may never want more,although I don;t understand not wanting more power part.  Its just cheap insurance IMO. Then again its not my money or butt in the seat.

Stroll through any swap meet with race parts and you will see many of those shafts twisted--I would say it is pretty reasonable to get a "new" mfg shorty kit --that is great quality  Just not a place where I want a failure--Low HP yea OK but who stays with that for long? I would say that is a critical spot on any racer car and i would opt for a correct strong new option--even if you had to save up and wait  I have seen too many of those fail

If you are wanting to move your current gears and stuff into a shorty carrier, I have several used shorty 1.76 carriers. Some with an after market shaft welded in and some stock that have been shortened.


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