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Is there anyone who offers a service to shorten and re-spline a stock Powerglide output shaft to build a shorty PG? I thought maybe some of the companies like Moser or Dutchman who re-spline axles might do it, but it isn't mentioned on their websites. I realize shorty planetary/output shafts can be bought aftermarket but the application would be a low HP car (under 300 HP) and I'd like to be as economical as practical without building a grenade. I already have two Powerglide "core" transmissions.



A friend of mine cut one down. He cut the spline off, cut the shaft off, turned the shaft down, bored out the splined end and pressed it on the shorter shaft. welded the pressed on splines and made mid 8 second passes in a home built dragster for years.
P.S. his was a Shorty. A Sharty is something completely different.

"Sharty"  :o I need to proof read a bit better before I post. Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure if I understand exactly what your friend did. Did he shorten the output by taking out a section between the planetary and the splined end? Or, did he remove the shaft from the planetary body and weld the cut off shaft back in? After reading your description several times it sounds like the first scenario, that he machined a "boss" on the planetary end of the shortened shaft and bored the splined end to  press fit it onto the "boss", and then welded it back together.

Sorry if I seem dense, I feel I understand things better if I can put them in my own words to double-check my understanding.


BTW...I was able to correct my typo in the subject line of my posts. I thought it would have changed it for the entire thread title, but it didn't.

According to their website, Moser Engineering can shorten and re-spline your output shaft for $75. Click on the "Support" at the top of their page then click on "Shop Services". They can also shorten and re-spline your stock axles.

Thank you for the direction. I had not checked the "Support" section of their website. $75.00 to respline the output shaft is quite reasonable. I'd be able to get the 8 3/4 Mopar axles done too for $125 for the pair. Doing it through one company would save a bit on shipping too. Seems another question/problem is solved! Thanks!



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