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Power glide pumping fluid from vent

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Well my cousin has a hughes glide in his racecar, never been ran. Had trans torn down by a builder to get case recert, trans guy reassembled. Started car for first time and it instantly started pumping fluid out of vent. Took back to builder and he said he put pump gasket in wrong and fixed it. Fired up car again and as I was adding fluid it started pumping out vent again so there is a problem still. I have built a few glides and never experienced this. Any ideas? He wants to take it back to builder but I think a 3rd time will not be fun. I want to tear it apart but don't really know what to look for. Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

Double check the filter ! it could be on backwards ! Also some builders plug the cooler by pass at the pump so you must run a cooler of at least loop the line at the cooler fitting ! Valve body loose ? Broken or missing ring on input ? Let us know what you find . 

I highly recommend Jim @ ATO in Rancho Cordova.  He is a powerglide god. :) 

Im headed to the shop today, I will trace the vent circuit through the pump to find all possible cross feeds, sounds like an issue with the pump for sure.

Definitely check your converter feed passages input shaft sealing rings and cooler passages in the pump all of these could directly cross feed into the vent circuit causing your issue.


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