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« on: November 10, 2018, 07:51:52 AM »
hey gang--looks like I have my car sold--been a lot of fun but came time to move on
If you are planning a FED you will need a good firesuit--The cheap China jobs from Calif are all over but they are imported and well..they are not cheap either  a Good SFI-15 suit is expensive!
I have a LIKE NEW--FRESH as a daisy--ZERO soil-ZERO oil or stain--near perfect SPARCO X-LIGHT  These are the LIGHTEST suits on the market--They are the best quality made period! New from Biondo they are $1275 plus $60 for arm restraints plus shipping--I also have an expensive DRYER FAN HANGER to go with--has 6 n electric fan so when you hang suit it is blowing air inside and keeping things dry--This suit is LIKE new lovingly cared for
It is a Europe size 64 which is a USA 2x Chart says Chest 47 in, waist 44 in ( this is usually 2 in more than your jean size ), hip 48. height from 5ft 9 in to 6 ft 3 in   I am 5ft 11 in 238 and it is very comfortable--These suits have the best quality pockets, zippers etc out there--This suit will cover any application that is not blown--Biondo can recert these every five years for about $50 Try that on your import job
Face it you need the best on safety equipment--This is it--For a DEAL  The hanger is worth $100
Will take $900 OBO shipped FREE   I know you may be able to get into an import for same $$ but it is your skin we are talking about here  These are LIGHT, BREATHE and comfortable.
email me or phone 704 244 6649 eastern time
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