Author Topic: new experiences - my 225" fed  (Read 7294 times)

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Re: new experiences - my 225" fed
« Reply #60 on: February 10, 2019, 09:09:24 AM »
I like your fire bottle mounts looks like a good way to keep weight on the front ! Car looks great !

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Re: new experiences - my 225" fed
« Reply #61 on: Today at 05:08:15 PM »
I like your fire bottle mounts looks like a good way to keep weight on the front ! Car looks great !

thank you sir.  i think once i get the rest of the body done it will look a lot better. I really like the looks of a full body.

so today finally getting around to doing a creaform pour in seat.  one thing i like about the creaform is you have plenty of time to play with it and conform it.  when i purchased the kit from Pegasus Auto Racing i didnt know what size to get so i got the large.  I can say that is to much as you can see in the pics there is a lot of excess.  i would probably get the one that uses the largest bag but not so much material.  which i think is the large from them.  when i got the kit, it comes from Bald Spot Sports  I would of purchased from them if i had done a little bit better research.  looking at BSS website you can see they do pro drag racing seats and they have a few vids online which shows pretty much how it goes.

so, initial after watching videos, purchasing a vac pump, gauge etc i did went about things as they show.   one thing off the bat i think i would do differently is heat up the resin and catalyst more.  its been in the house so about 70 deg.  it was pretty thick when went to go mix it.  it did not appear like it does in the vids. 

i mixed it up for few minutes to where i thought it was mixed well as could be then poured in.  it went right to the bottom of the bag and kind of clumped there.  i htink if was warmer and thinner it would of dispersed better.   i started to push and mix and really doesnt feel like anything is happening with the liquid interacting with the beads so that parts an unknown.  i did this about ten minutes as instructions say. 

i laid out the bag, taped the end, and then tried to even in it out thorughout the bag.  in the back of my mind i was concerned about the lower lumbar area and i think got to much or made it too thick through the torso area.   

went to stick it in the car and as you can see in the photos way too much material.  i jumped in real quick to kind pre-mold the seat then got dressed and jumped back in.  My buddy Jeff was helping me as this isnt really a one person job.  he pushed and needed around areas but in the end i think there is too much back up around the shoulder areas.  one problem is there is just too much material to deal with.  so, im hoping for one the resin did get everywhere and second ill be able to mold or sand a little bit tomorrow when i go to take it out and trim etc. 

so for now here is a couple of pics.  one thing, in the instructions they say 2lbs vac and i dont think the HF pump is pulling that;  but it is pulling a vacuum.  im not to confident right not that it will turn out ok but if this doesnt turn out ok ill get a smaller kit...  I wont use the fabric till it fits nice.  the other thing to note is, when your sitting in the seat without your suit on or any padding you kind of sit way down in there.  when you do the pour in seat, its amazing what one inch up and forward does for cockpit space. 

ill report back in a few days progress on how it turned out.

They say to smooth out the wrinkles.  i tried a little bit then said screw it.  i get to messin with things and ill mess it up more if thats the case.  i know a lot of that will be cut out.