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     If you have any interesting Front Engine images or other stuff, please send them to Glenn Lever. Include as much information as you can.

This black beauty belongs to Brian Jones of Bedford, Indiana and is driven by Troy Wilson.

This 200" '69 Mark Williams ex-Top Fuel chute pack car still had the Hemi motor mounts, Halibrand wheels and Airheart brakes when he got it.

Throughout its various incarnations the car has run a blown Small Block, as well as an injected Big Block, but now runs an injected Small Block Chevy.

Troy's best pass so far netted an 8.20 E.T. @ 156 mph, but resulted in a harrowing oil down that temporarily blinded him as he brought the grief stricken digger to a halt. Troy now wears tear-offs on his helmet's visor....a tip from Adam Sorokin of Nostalgia T/F fame.

The dragster has a chute pack body and a torsion bar front end. All chassis updates were performed by Mike Spitzer Enterprises. Brian and Troy currently run the car in Indiana and surrounding Nostalgia Events, but also plan to run the GoodGuys events as well.

Photos courtesy of Alan Curran

Veteran British Drag Racer Norm Wheeldon has created one of Nostalgia Racing's most stunning creations to date, the "Two Much" twin engined dragster. This is not a restoration or recreation, Norm's beauty is a "clean sheet" build twin front engine dragster.

The powertrain for Norm's ride consists of twin 359 c.i. Donovan small block Chevrolets fed methanol thru dual Enderle Bird Catchers atop Kuhl 6-71 blowers. Putting power to the ground is a Titan triple plate clutch in a Browell bell housing, a Lenco 2-speed, and a Wheeldon fabricated rear axle based on the venerable 9 in. Ford coupled to a pair Hoosier slicks.

The powerplants in Norm's digger are coupled via two cogs and a duplex chain with a removable link similar to the set-up in Frank Peter's "Frieght Train". A 48 volt aircraft starter spins them over. "Two Much" saw its first fire on Sept 20, 2009 at Shakespeare County Raceway in the U.K.

Crewmember Vince Shaw primes the hats while fellow team mate Herb Andrews mans the starter with Norm at the wheel in preparation for a burnout and shakedown run.

Finally, the moment arrives as Norm tortures the massive Hoosiers to the delight of his fellow Britons! For a taste of this momentous occasion see the whole thing on YouTube under "Norm's Burnout".

Judging from the superior workmanship evident on "Two Much", one would never know that this was Norm's first attempt at a full body dragster. But then, Norm honed his skill fabricating "high end" parts for Formula 1 racecars.


Fast Eddie Taylor kicks the butterflies wide open on a 4 second pass at NorthStar Dragway while FEDhead Clint cues up the Christmas tree. Eddie's digger features a super potent BBC in an uber-rare Ed Quay FED chassis.

What's not to love about this awesome period looking shot from Johan B. from Sweden in his Gene Adams prepped 409 ci Hemi (stroked 354) coupled to a powerglide transmission?

Marc Bane of the Rebels Race Club of San Antonio, Texas just purchased this SBC powered FED in Kentucky. Note the rare 4 slot magnesium wheels.

Wayne Ludington is the owner of this original 1960 Dragmaster Dart powered by a 296 cubic in flathead mated to an SM-4 from a 429 Ford. Wayne is looking for any original pictures of the car taken in the 60's at Bandimere Speedway in Denver Colorado. So if anyone out there has any, let us know.

John McGlynn drives this beautiful blue Swamp Rat 1 looking digger built in 2006. John's ride features a blown SBC fed by 3 Rochester carbs. Best time for the car is 8.03 @ 168 mph at Norwalk, Ohio.

Driver Alec (Old Git) Coe sent in pics of this purple flamed rail from the U.K. Crew Chief Kev Mortimer keeps the BDS blown, Enderle injected SBC churning to the tune of 8.1 at 169 mph.

SouthWest Jr.Fueler's Thomas Hixson owns and drives this 185" FED of unknown origin at NorthStar Dragway in Denton, Texas. Thomas' digger was front-halved by Neil & Parks and features a 355 ci SBC fed by Engler injectors coupled to a Powerglide transmission and an 8 3/4 Chrysler rear end.

FEDhead Clint's blown SBC digger basks in the Texas shade on a hot summer's day.

Master model builder Roger "Riceman" Lee is known world wide for his incredibly detailed model recreations of famous dragsters and altereds from the 60's. His workmanship is so exact that a 1:22nd recreation of a nostalgia dragster sells for in excess of $4000.00!! Roger's interest in the growing Cacklefest movement inspired him to recreate the 1964 1/2 Woody Gilmore chassis Jim Brissette and Paul Sunderland BB/FD dragster....only this FULL SCALE!!

The resemblence to the original Brissette and Sunderland dragster is undeniably accurate. Roger is extremely meticulous and his attention to detail is impeccable and uncompromising. Incredible as it may seem, Roger does most of the sophisticated machine work with simple hand tools.

Hundreds of hour of research goes into each one of Roger's creations. Often, Roger works from old photos and sketches. Sometimes he gleans essential details from the original owner's memory.

The Brissette and Sunderland dragster has a 144" wheelbase with the engine 21" out. Roger has invested a lifetime of work in scouring the globe for just the right parts. Some items actually came off the original car while others are generous gifts from Roger's extensive network of friends and racers.

The replication of a historic car is more than just the sum of its parts. An incredibly detailed and artistic eye is required in order to get the proportions and details exactly as they should be. Roger has the talent to capture the essence of a car's periodicity.

After 30 years in hiding, the 1968-69 Logghe Stamping Top Fuel dragster finally returns home to John Logghe of Lansing, Michigan. Discovered by Jim Marsh, former driver of the Marsh and Steffey "Giant Killer," this historically significant and beautful automotive masterpiece once again sees the light of day. Originally driven by Chuck Kurzawa, this 188" T/F Al Bergler bodied FED also saw duty in Top Gas taking "Runner Up" in 1970.

The fire breathing 392 Chrysler Hemi sports a Larry Payne prepped 6-71 blower sitting on a Magnesium M/T manifold. A Hilborn 4-Port injector feeds copius quantities of 90% Nitromethane to M/T rods and pistons whilst Al built headers send the pungent aroma wafting off to the eager nostrils of crew and spectators alike.

Power from the early Hemi is channeled to the 3:90 cogged 8/34 Chrysler, Detroit Locker, diff via a Hayes dual disc clutch coupled to a Lenco direct drive "In and Out" box.

All those ponies from the Logghe Stamping Top Fuel tribute car find their way to a pair of original "early" 12 x 16 M&H Racemaster slicks mounted on "uber-rare" (only 10 sets ever made) American 2-piece 16 x 10 rims. Halibrand brakes and a Bob's Drag Chute bring John's digger to a halt.

Avon Speedmasters give guidance out front.

The magnificent Al Bergler custom built body is a masterpiece of design and execution. The brilliantly stunning hues of gold and green are the handiwork of artisan Mat Marshall while the lettering come compliments of the graceful quill of Jim Mitchell.

This stunning photo shows the Logghe Stamping T/F car ejecting its wayward clutch reminding us all exactly why titanium clutch cans and explosion proof blankets are now mandatory safety items. According to John, driver Chuck Kurzawa's shoes were still smoking as he exited the car after the run.

Highland Illinois Division 3 Super Comp racer, Bob Wright sent in these pictures of this 170' 1969 FED that he bought back in 1976.

Greenville Illinois' Performance Motorsports built the 448ci BBC powering Bob's rail. Dual Holley 1050 Dominators sit atop an Edelbrock manifold that sits atop aluminum Edelbrock rectangular port heads. Hooker downswept headers vent the exhaust overboard. A billet CSR waterpump keeps things cool.

A Turbo 400 transmission send the ponies back to a Mopar 8 3/4 diff that houses 3:90 gears. Bob's digger turns in consistent 8:20's @ 164 mph.

The front wheels are Weld DragStars. Al Bergler made the body. Note the unusual nose piece.

Mark Williams axles spin the monstrous 33.0x15x14 slicks mounted on American Racing beadlock wheels. Bob's plans for the future include building a new chassis to run Top Dragster and Top Alcohol.

Hailing from Brownburg, Indiana....Australian chassis builder, Keith "Rooman" Burgan sends is this picture of his recently completed masterpiece.

The sheetmetal work on this FED built for Jim Gravitt shows the impeccable workmanship that Rooman is capable of.

Headed home on the trailer to Illinois, Jim's FED awaits tie down

Stunning from every angle, the Gravitt FED takes its place between a pair of slicks

Since few have an "arse" as square as SpongeBob's, Keith designed this ergonomic seat for comfort as well as speed.

Wayne Snearly of Illinois sends in these pics of his newly finished 125" FED

Following in her Dad's footsteps, Wayne's 17 year old daughter, Lauren handles the driving chores.

Motorvation for Wayne's digger is an alky fed 305 cubic inch SBC

Weighing in at a mere 1370 lbs, Wayne's digger makes another pass down the 1320

Wayne's plans for the future include a more powerful engine.

Wayne and Lauren prove that front engine dragsters are fun for the whole family. FEDs Forever!

Master machinist and fabricator extraordinaire John Lorbiecki built this billet bullet in his garage with a little help from his son and friends.

In addition to the chassis and body panels, John also built the billet steering mechanism, offset magneto drive, blower plate, and even blower studs and nuts!!

Like most new cars on their first fire-ups, John digger unleashed a few gremlins before finally giving way and making beautiful fumes and noises. Can you say "HEMI?"

Although John's ride currently sports Mopar green panels, he reports that graphics and other colors are soon to follow.

If John's car runs as well as it looks, the competition will be lucky to see this much of the it is far more likely they'll be staring at the parachute!

From the blazing heat and smoldering dragstrips of Arizona, comes FEDs.Org affiliate Rick Lapa and his newly acquired 153" Front Engine Dragster. Rick's digger hadn't seen the light of day since 1991, until purchased earlier this year!

Motorvation for Rick's rail comes from a healthy 355 Chevy coupled to a "shorty Glide". Keeping Rick companion in the cockpit is a Mopar 8 3/4 sporting 4:56 cogs. Rick's SBC is "keepin' it chrome" with Moroso valve covers, a Hilborn style scoop and dueling zoomies!

This Front Engine "work of art" was backhalved and certified to 7.50 by the capable mits and talented tigwork of Bob Reiser.

Rick is busily thrashing to fulfill his New Year's Resolution.....

...the New Year's Race at SpeedWorld Motorplex in Surprise, Arizona!!

FrontEngineDragster.Org member Chris Buck sends in this picture of his updated car "Fast Bucks" with its new supercharged engine. By the looks of all the smoke generated during his burnout, the new combo is working just fine!

The TV camera man zooms in for an action shot of E&T racing's Ed Fargo as he prepares to rotate the earth in Bristol, Tennessee.

From Peder Harroldson of Sweden comes this pic of his awsome Jr. Fuel ride.

Geoff Blake of Australia sends in this pitshot featuring his BBC motivated digger and the new trailer that he and his mates have built.

Geoff's new trailer can be seen in the background shot of him and his crew at work.

Here Geoff enjoys the spoils of another trip down the 1320 with a relaxing ride atop the cage of his awsome ride.

Kevin Johnson from Pennsylvania has moved up from a carb to fuel injection. Look'in good!

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