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Gasser Racing Series By-Laws Meeting Notice
Drivers Meeting Immediately Following
WHEN:  Saturday, March 17th      1pm
WHERE:  Days Inn –200 Oak St. Batavia, 14020
The Gasser Racing Series will be having a by-laws meeting so members in good standing can vote on the by-laws.  We will go over the by-laws and have a vote, immediately followed by a Drivers Meeting to discuss race dates and changes to the rules.
Please try to attend.  Only members in attendance may vote.
 If you know a racer who does not get email, please give them a call and let them know!
Also, the facility will be opening their restaurant and bar so our members may get some lunch.

Events / Think about posting your Event in the Calendar Here is HOW
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:00:44 PM »
To post in the Calender go to the top of the page. In the command line that starts with "Home" you will find the command "Calendar" click on that command and you will be guided through the process of entering an event on the calender.

If you post your event in the calendar, one of the options there is were to post the text.

If you select this board "Event" as the place to post your text, you get the best of both worlds, the event in the calendar and the text posted here.

Your Builds / Photo Gallery / My introduuction GlennLever
« on: January 28, 2013, 02:48:11 PM »
I am not just a pretty face.

I have the same interests as you do.

I currently have two builds in process

One is my Front Engine Dragster. That build can be seen at this link

License runs at Indy several years back, that is the famous Keith Burgan looking on

The second is a 1949 Chevy Gasser. That build can be seen at this link

Ladies and Gentleman

The roll of administrator is new to me and I would very much like to develop this board to fulfill your needs of a way to communicate and stay in touch with racers interested in the same topics as yourself.

Please feel free to communicate with me to accomplish that goal .

Secondly we need to be aware that Spud Miller

and Keith Burgan

are funding this venture so if you can please patronize their businesses as away to say thank You, do so.

There are not may “Rules” that I would impose. However please no cussing, cussing just shows a lack of knowledge in the use of the English Language. You can express your feelings without cussing. Be respectful of other members. Everyone has a right to their opinions, and a right to do it differently than you might. No camping on. Think about making your userID something meaningfully or representative of what you stand for.

As a finial thought it would be nice if you were to introduce yourself in the Your Builds / Photo Gallery as I have done at this link
Thanks Glenn Lever

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