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« on: May 28, 2019, 06:58:34 AM »
Hi folks, greetings from Finland

I just finished my slingshot and thought to share it with other FED maniacs. I built it with Super Comp in mind
so theres nothing that fancy technically, just basic proven good stuff. Pump gas 461cid topped with PromaXX
alu heads, 950cfm QF, Comp 306s flat tappet cam. PG with transbrake and 4000 stall converter. Rear is 9" that
I stuffed with Strange Pro alu pumpkin, 4.29:1 gear. 35 splines pro shafts, spool and pro brakes.

Now that it is finished I'd like to add blower, alky injection and...and...and you know how this disease is a never
ending story. But this season I'll ride it like that for couple weekends just to have fun. No goals, no pressure.

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