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Front Engine Dragsters / Finally down the track on second outing..
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:33:28 AM »
Finally got the MW car together and down the track semi-successfully on our second outing.

Been 12 months of assembly, other projects and work.

First time to track since took the car down all seemed fine, burnout was uneventful and I decided to do a footbrake leave in high gear just to see if it went straight and stopped well. Didn't worry about cutting a light and had asked for a single lane run since we were shaking the car down. Car spun just a bit but left straight - felt really good until about the 330 when I got a visor / face load of nice warm oil and backed her down quick - blazing trap speed of 59 MPH. Note to self - put visor ALL the way down every time.

Turns out that the three piece Enderle injection manifold / intake gaskets / china rail interfaces needed some minor machine work and some additional Ultra Grey. Acceleration was pushing oil back into the valley / head corners that found a direct leak path into my helmet.

Second time to track I can report a better outcome. 6 passes, all but one was high gear roll into the throttle leave as we continue shaking down. Best was 5.80 @ 132. The single TB pass was an absolute comedy.....I think I remember three distinct wheelies during the pedal party.
I've got to get the go-pro rigged up in the cockpit to keep an eye on the tach - was spinning a bit around the 100' mark and quite a bit near the finish line. Top end spin I'm thinking is around the point it's coming up on the high speed. Kept going down in tire pressure ended up at 7 lbs. Friend that was helping me out commented the tires seemed pretty stiff - we checked with a variety of gauges in the pits and turns out my low pressure gauge is fubar - 7=11. Our day was over but a new gauge is on the way.

Reasonable tire pressure test session coming soon....

Wanted to sell / Carbon fiber dragster seat - new
« on: September 03, 2019, 12:05:21 PM »
Hey all,

I have a brand new carbon fiber seat from Quartermax that I ended up not using - no holes, no cracks, maybe a little dust from storage. 17 1/2 wide (fit just fine in my 18" car)  13" deep and 29 1/2 tall at the back. Paid 335 - sell for 225 shipped to the Continental USA.

Feel free to text me at 817- nine oh eight - 9119.


Front Engine Dragsters / Interior pan advice please - 3 piece ok?
« on: March 18, 2019, 07:44:46 AM »
Hi all - been off the board a bit with some work changes.

Putting the MW FED back together and am replacing the interior floorpan. Current unit runs from rear motor plate under the seat to the rear rails. It is a rip-roaring PITA to get in and out.

This may be a dumb question: Can I remake this in two -three pieces? Any rule or safety conflict to doing so? Current pan overlaps the outside rails and is relieved for the vertical chassis tubes and has a mild bend where the main tubes turn up towards the rear of cage.

Assuming I can do so safely I have a couple options in mind.

1. Main center pan with small 'wings' dzused on each side that are relieved for the vertical members / pedal mounts, etc.
2. Front section pan from seat brace to motor plate with rear section under seat (at bend) dzused in place.

Thanks in advance - appreciate any thoughts.

Matt B

Matt Shaff's Engine Shop / SBC roller cam ID help?
« on: August 06, 2018, 03:16:13 PM »
Looking for some help - freshening up my 406SBC and replacing the Summer Brothers gear drive with a regular double roller to help solve an oil weeping problem with the Enderle cover / Summers / oil pan fit. While heads are off to be gone over thought I might consider valve springs......but I have a mystery cam.....

Anybody have any idea what this thing might's a reasonably healthy mechanical roller on a small base circle.

Thanks in advance!

Matt B

Spud Miller's Cave / Interesting Hilborn problem - advice?
« on: July 30, 2018, 12:58:48 PM »
Hi y'all. Got the 406 in my MW car fired up this weekend. 406 / 3 piece Hilborn / DSR pump / 36 degrees timing / 115 main bypass/ 90 high speed at 50# on alcohol.

Started with BV leaked to 25% - small adjustments leaner have it idling pretty well and it's crisp on the throttle once I blow it out.

Passenger side cylinders seem very fat - 2/4/6/8 - most particularly #2 and #6. They are blowing lots of raw fuel at idle. They clean out fine when I hit the throttle but they appear to be very very rich.

Checked nozzles last night (clean), checked valve lash (all good at .02), fresh spark plugs. Going to check / gauge butterfly adjustment on that bank tonight after work.

Anybody wanna take a stab at why it's really good on one bank and super fat on the butterfly adjustment in my head....what else might I be missing?

Thanks in advance!

Front Engine Dragsters / Howdy - prepping for SHRA 2019
« on: July 18, 2018, 08:02:35 AM »
Hi all - long time lurker. Sure appreciate all the contributors - wealth of knowledge here!

Been out of the seat for a few years due to work and family commitments after buying an FED back in 2015. Made a few passes at Northstar, started working on my door car and then life got pretty crazy. All the race cars have been living in their trailers or at Brink Racecraft since then..... my shop is finally 90% finished and work has resumed. I hope to be ready to run a partial SHRA schedule next year.

Thought you guys might like to hear whats happening - and a little history on the cars as I understand it anyway...

Car one is a 2006 Mark Williams - was the Blown Cents owned by Neal Rogers. It's a 406 SBC, Hilborn on alky, powerglide car. Brink did some chassis updating with new pedals, new firewall, new battery, fuel tank and puke tank mounts. Mike at Alkydigger went through the injection and converted it to up nozzles while he was at it - gave me some baselines for jetting / bypasses and pressures. I just finished re-plumbing it, mostly through with wiring and about 50% done with some new levers and little tab stuff. Steering linkage and small parts coming off this weekend for powder coating - with any luck will fire the motor in the next few days. Not sure what the long term plans are for this one - it's a mild steel car (7.50 cert) and may go up for sale to fund the other FED and door car finish. Planning on a few passes this fall either way.

Car two is a 192" Buddy Warren car - Ron Walden ran it in SHRA for a while before I bought it from him in '15. Benny Schiro owned it back in the day - driven and later owned by Roy Rogers - father of Neal who I bought Blown Cents from. Small world! I made some passes in this car before life got in the way - found a few things I wanted to update. Brink Racecraft gave it a 'lower half' as both main lower tubes were worn badly from dragging. They also updated the cage to look more period correct and it was certed to 6.0.
It's coming in the shop this weekend or next - plans are to certainly keep this one. I've got several pics of it from back in day and am planning on spraying the body red / white and blue to match the way it looked back then. The 355 SBC is out and deciding whether to refresh for NE3 or build a little more power for NE2.......

I'll try to figure out how to post pics in the next few days...looking forward to seeing some of y'all at the track!

Matt B

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