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Title: used tow truck suggestions
Post by: wideopen231 on April 30, 2016, 07:11:51 AM
Looking to get a tow only vehicle.Low budget,what ever that is.Was thinking 2010  models or so.Have had few suggestions that 2005 or 2006 duramax.Allison 6 spd and no emission crap where reasons.Also had 2004 to 2006 Dodge's for simular reasons.Looking for suggestions from those who have had great or bad to avoid.Admit most of problem with Hemi have been due to slack amintance on my part with oild change be 1500 to 2k past schedule.

Right not researching options.Have to sale few high ticket items to make truck and trailer purchase's.
Title: Re: used tow truck suggestions
Post by: digster on April 30, 2016, 04:36:59 PM
 I had a 2006 Dodge. If I remember correctly 06 is the last full year production of the 5.9 Cummins. I think it was the best combo of power and fuel economy of any light truck I've owned. I'm on my 4th Dodge Cummins. I drive a 2012 6.7 now and feel the 06 5.9 liter was superior. My 12 has aprox. 50 ft. lbs. and 25 HP more power but burns way more fuel. On the average the 5.9 was good for 5 mpg more economy in all conditions and would still pull the race trailer easily at 75 or 80 mph when ever I wanted to. 
Title: Re: used tow truck suggestions
Post by: wideopen231 on May 03, 2016, 09:19:13 PM
Any major issues with your 06 5.9? I have 05 %.7 hemi ram 1500 on its third is at 230k but feel thats atleast one engine too many.Hemi seems to be most oil change sensative motor i have ever had.Heck my old astro van with 4.2 v-6 basically got added more than changed and that was quart every 4k .admit that most of problems with Hemi where my fault with oil changes being 1500 to 2k past schedule
Title: Re: used tow truck suggestions
Post by: digster on May 04, 2016, 03:39:37 AM
 Can't say enough good about the power to fuel economy ratio of the late 5.9. I did eventually have some injector issues but that was it. Over all a very solid platform.
Title: Re: used tow truck suggestions
Post by: Mr Froggy on May 04, 2016, 05:05:54 AM
A buddy of mine has an 01 Dodge with a 24 valve, 5.9 with a manual tranny and it has just under 500,000 miles and most of them are towing miles.  I know he's replaced the injectors and maybe the injector pump but other then that it has the original engine and gets MPG in the low 20s pulling a 35 ft enclosed trailer.   I have a 99, 24 valve Cummins and love it!   It has 170,000 miles and the only weak link was the auto transmission.   I stuck 5 grand into the tranny/convertor fixing all the weak links and it made a night and day difference towing my 32 ft camper.    I love the 5.9 Cummins! ;D
Title: Re: used tow truck suggestions
Post by: 225digger on May 04, 2016, 07:47:58 AM
low budget and cummins do not go together , 3rd gens are going for 15k+ unless its a real clapped out xxxx. im sure you can find a deal out there , but most people know these trucks hold value due to the non emission stuff

look for a mid 2000's chevy gas with 6.0  could probably get one real cheap if you look hard enough , few yrs ago i purchased a standard cab , bare bones 2006 HD w 6.0/80e  for 1200.00 192k miles no rust , super clean 1 driver company truck it had a bad direct clutch piston in the 80e , cost me 700.00 to rebuild the trans with new converter. i load the heck out of the truck and is just a work horse even with high mileage .

i do also have a 03 cummins w 6spd ill use for longer trips , but i prefer the chevy for local stuff ...... with diesels costing so much you really got to determine if its worth the extra cost to buy one just for occasional use.

Title: Re: used tow truck suggestions
Post by: Mr Froggy on May 05, 2016, 08:42:33 PM
Occasional or everyday, diesels are just fine.  As for the Cummins and low budget....A half million miles with routine maintenance is well worth the cost

12 and 24 valve 5.9 Cummins are work horses with good fuel economy.   Consider the fact that the 5.9 Cummins was originally built for a Case Backhoe.

Tractor engine durability with good fuel economy......its a no brainer.