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Dan Dishon's Transmission Den / Re: New to powerglide
« on: December 24, 2020, 05:51:48 AM »
Here's the gearset. I guess someone at one point made straight cut gear sets for a 1.82 carrier.

Dan Dishon's Transmission Den / Re: New to powerglide
« on: December 22, 2020, 03:20:44 PM »
It's stamped steel.

Dan Dishon's Transmission Den / Re: New to powerglide
« on: December 21, 2020, 07:05:38 PM »
Hi Bill, Thank you for your input. I have since torn the tranny down and learned more about it.
Yes the support is dead weight, but it also serves as the alignment "dowel" for the tail housing.
My best bet is to get a light weight bearing support.

It's funny you suggested a 1.82 gear set for less rotating mass. Upon teardown the gear set was straight cut so I'm
pleased I have a good gear set. That's just great until I see the input shaft with a TCI part number that turns out to
be an input shaft for a 1.82 gear set. The more I looked and compared I finally realized I have a 1.82 carrier
with straight cut gears.

About the rear gear, It's a 9 inch strange setup. 4.30 gearset and light weight spool.

You talked about horsepower. I have no idea. Best pass as of now is 1.12 60, 5.09, 133 @1536 lbs. NE2 around here is 5.00 1/8 mile.

When I bought the car I weighed it in the front and it was 220. A friend with a FED told me it was about 100 lbs light so I built a
weight box and added 125 lbs to the front and took weight out as I learned more about it.

Dan Dishon's Transmission Den / Re: New to powerglide
« on: December 15, 2020, 04:46:45 PM »
Yes the case has a bushing, I believe the only purpose for the gov. Support bushing is the load from the rear pump if it has one and the weight of the governor. They utilize the bushing/bearing for a shorty output shaft kit to support that end of the shaft. I always use the bushing thinking it limits flex in the shaft but machine the gov slip ring portion off if youíre weight conscious. Donít see why it could not be deleted though just never done it.

My thought was just using say 1/4" aluminum plate to replace the gov support and provide a good seal for the gasket against the case and let the case bushing and the tail housing support the output shaft. Yes I'm being weight conscious, I'm pretty close to the index but want to be able to run under and bring the car back to it. I've already moved some weight up front and got rid of my ballast box. Not going N&P crazy, just looking for any more that I can find. Thank you for your input.

Dan Dishon's Transmission Den / New to powerglide
« on: December 14, 2020, 04:24:05 PM »
Always been a torque-flite guy but now have my first glide. I'll be going through the tranny this winter to see what I actually have inside. I have had the long tail housing off and noticed it's an aftermarket housing with a bearing instead of a bushing. I saw that it still had the factory governor support with the governor removed and my first thought was replacing it with a aluminum support with a bearing and then it hit me. Is that support really necessary? Isn't there a bushing in the rear of the case? Rear case bushing and a bearing in the tail housing. Wouldn't that support the output shaft? I realize I would have to use a simple block off plate to stop pressure leakage. Wouldn't that work?

Wanted to buy / Re: Fuel tank
« on: December 03, 2020, 03:05:30 PM »
That's a good idea. Thanks to all for your input.

Wanted to buy / Re: Fuel tank
« on: December 02, 2020, 03:35:54 PM »
I don't know exactly the size of the area and my car is 30 miles from my home so I won't be able to measure till the weekend. I've started looking at aluminum square tubing. It's available in 6x6 and 8x8.  I know the 6x6 will fit. 6x6x24 would give me a little over 3 gallons which would be plenty. 8x8 would fill the area better and probably look better than the 6x6.

Wanted to buy / Re: Fuel tank
« on: December 01, 2020, 04:42:50 PM »
Kinda what I thought... Thought I might get lucky. :(

Wanted to buy / Fuel tank
« on: November 30, 2020, 04:57:22 PM »
Does anybody make a rectangle tank for a FED? I'd like to find something rectangular that will fit inside the frames rails toward the front of my car. does anybody have anything?

Spud Miller's Cave / Re: New to MFI
« on: July 01, 2020, 12:46:37 PM »
oh, Ok. I wasn't sure if it was calc RPM or actual RPM

Spud Miller's Cave / Re: New to MFI
« on: June 29, 2020, 04:40:27 PM »
I am old school also. The density altitude is THE major factor. When using the FIE calculator, you can set the DA to anything you want just by changing the barometric pressure input. Leave everything else alone and see what main jet is reccomended for a range of DAs from say 2000' to 10000'.(last week in Denver we ran with the VDRA and in the afternoon the DA was 9200') These jet vs. DA solutions should fall in a straight line because the pump output is linear. Make sure your pump and nozzle combination will keep the system pressure up around 80 to 100 psi. DA is available on line for most race tracks. This approach should get you in the ball park...fine tune as required.

So, when you say keep the pressure up around 80 to 100 PSI, what RPM? My car is geared 4.30 so I'm crossing the 1/8 @ about 5500. I currently have #18 nozzles (.0325) and as I play with the calculator it makes me consider #14 nozzles (.0287). 

Spud Miller's Cave / Re: New to MFI
« on: June 07, 2020, 03:55:00 PM »
Thanks for that info, I'll play with calc some and see. It does make sense tho.

Thanks again!

Spud Miller's Cave / Re: New to MFI
« on: June 06, 2020, 05:25:35 PM »
I've been waiting for others input but I'll reply. I see no need for a high speed for instance, in my car it's geared 4.30 so i'm crossing the 1/8 @130 so rpm is low, It's still torquing it's way down the track. IMO

I do have another question though. I always raced @ 3600 elevation unless I went to Dallas or OKC. Home tracks gave me a density altitude of say 7000 ft. in the heat. Here in dallas area DA is say 3700 ft. I was carbureted on gas and had to jet up when going to those tracks. With that being said, now that I have pump flow numbers and can use the FIE calculator, there is no input for density altitude. I know I'm old school so I'm asking, is DA no longer a factor?

Spud Miller's Cave / Re: New to MFI
« on: May 26, 2020, 01:33:14 PM »
Cool! nice pass. I'm not really concerned about high speed bypass just wasn't sure about my findings on the gage. thank you also for your input.

Spud Miller's Cave / Re: New to MFI
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:32:09 AM »
Hi Spud and thanks again for all your input. When I bought the car it came with a box of stuff AN fittings, leakdown tester, odds and ends. At the bottom was a spare chute, didn't go any further. Finally took the chute out and found the pump tag underneath it reads 2.82 gm @1800rpm. Now I have a little something to go on.

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