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Roo Man's Room / Floater Rear end
« on: April 13, 2019, 09:24:18 AM »
When did they get rid of the 6.50 or 210mph rule that required a floater rear end?  I remember when they changed from blown 7.50 or quicker to the 6.50 number

Roo Man's Room / Steering arms
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:21:51 PM »
I am setting up a new front half on a car and I run 3 6” arms on my car but am looking at using a bellcrank on this one.  I have 2 6” arms for the spindles but am only able to find 5” C-C bell cranks is this going to make the steering a little to quick?

Roo Man's Room / Cutting and butt weld upper frame rail
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:48:25 AM »
Going to front half a car soon and need to cut the upper bar about 12” - 18” behind the motorplate, I realize I need to butt weld and have piece of tubing inside minimum 3” inserted from both sides of weld and a rosette welds on both sides.My question I cannot find if I can do this but I do read “butt weld splicing upper frame rails to the shoulder hoop is permitted between the centerlines of the forward roll cage hoop and forward seat uprights. If butt weld splicing is used here, an interior sleeve is required, extending a minimum of 3” on each side of seam.”  I also see that “butt weld splicing of the shoulder hoop is also permitted in the rear center. If butt weld splicing is used here, an interior sleeve is required.”

Wanted to sell / 200” and 185” Tuttle FED’s for sale
« on: November 30, 2017, 05:44:50 AM »
One of the guys I race with who is not computer savvy has these cars for sale the 185” car is full body and a former NE1 championship winning car I’m told he is asking $22k for the roller and could possibly be a turn key if wanted. The 200” car is a former A/fuel car so it has a full floating rear dual parachutes and a newly built full body un painted 18K as a roller

Drag Racing / AN Hose Crimper
« on: October 13, 2017, 07:04:04 AM »
Thinking of switching up my program to crimped fittings on my race car.  What brand of crimper, hose, and fittings are people using?

Dan Dishon's Transmission Den / B&J clutch pack
« on: September 03, 2017, 04:35:11 PM »
anyone have any pictures of setting up the clutch pack inside the transmission. I see how the drawings here but I cannot get the numbers even close..... I know I am doing something wrong

Wanted to sell / 185" ROOMAN
« on: October 11, 2016, 01:47:45 PM »

Wanted to sell / 1958 FED on CL
« on: October 06, 2016, 08:10:19 AM »
saw this add and thought there may be some interest and NO I do not know anything about this car

Weekend report.

First pass of the weekend with changes planned for the second qualifier being to remove some static from the clutch   pass went pretty good got out about 60’ and started moving around a bit started a little tire shake so I shifted early to put the clutch into some slip. Got the car to the finish line it was a pretty good pass 6.67 at 209 not bad for an early 1-2 shift. Towed the car back to started our routine maintenance pulled the cowel, clutch can covers, valve covers, spark plugs, started the clutch cooling blower, started adjusting the valves no changes to the valves until we got to #6 intake hmmm that’s weird it went tight loosened the adjuster backed it off and the valve kept climbing well a couple turns of the adjuster and we knew we dropped a valve. Off comes the intake and head and we find what we figured hole in piston and the head of the valve sideways stuck in the intake seat kind of bummed out we sit around for a couple of hours than my dad looks at me and says hey we have those .350 long BBC 2.300 valves at the shop we can make those work and I laughed and told him I was thinking the same thing.  Hour and half drive we tear the head apart and start trying to make this idea work. Well those BBC valves were way to short so I called up my buddy Todd Miller to see if he had some spare intake and exhaust valves for the BAE hemi and yes he said come on over. I get the titanium hemi valves back to the shop machined the OD down to my SBC size, cut new valve lock grooves into them, and then cut the OA length down to fit into my heads. My dad didn’t have an intake seat that would work on these heads so he cut the seat as best as he could, assembled the heads grabbed our spare pistons and rods and headed back to the track. We left Woodburn Dragstrip at 4:30pm and got back at 8:00pm so 2 ˝ hours of drive time and 1 hour of work! We worked on the car until 11:00 and decided we should have an adult beverage than hit the sack and wake up first thing to finish installing the dry sump oil system.
Sunday went into first round of eliminations not too sure how it would run we left the clutch alone as we didn’t want to change to much……lol I dialed in a 6.60 because I knew it would run if I didn’t shake and spin…. The car I was running dialed a 7.50 so he left almost a second before me. I caught him quick hit the 1/8th mile mark and all of a sudden I see a nozzle line fly off one of my port nozzles (yes I was sprayed with fuel) I lifted and coasted across the finish line at a 7.32 132 mph with the win. Went back after the pass and did our between rounds maintenance and all looked good and we talked about the line coming off and I remembered that I was checking the nozzles for any obstructions and was on that nozzle when we found the broken valve…… YES I know never leave something partially tightened always nothing or wrench tight my bad! Second round comes along and left my dial in alone and he dialed a 7.48 needless to say another almost second head start only this time I get out about 100’ shake spin and pedal then got the car down the track he was closing in on the finish line I needed another 20’ to catch him! Fun times on the losing side.

Front Engine Dragsters / Woodburn Rose Festival Race
« on: June 13, 2016, 12:25:16 PM »
I qualified number #1 on Saturday on our second hit with a 6.70 and 208mph I knew it had some more in it as driver short shifted.... I left the tune up the same as last year fuel, timing, and clutch best pass last year was a 6.66 at 206 mph. I did not make a 3rd qualifier as I knew no one would come around me and both my dad and brother hurt their backs that day just doing nothing, but as anyone whose injured their backs before it doesn't take much :o so I figured let them have a break. First round of eliminations I dialed a 6.70 figuring if I past the guy I would just let off and go around him he dialed a 7.60 in a injected BBC Altered. As it comes down to it I was on what felt like an awesome pass hit the shifts and I was like wondering why the xxxx I hadn't past Peter yet xxxx did I sleep at the lights. Closing the gap getting closer and closer hand on the chutes past him right before the traps with the chutes out and off the throttle 6.55 at 210. I see my win light come on!!! as it came down Peter broke out by .001 more than me! Second round I went over the car checked lash, zeroed out the clutch, and checked the timing. Decided I would dial a 6.50, ran an injected BBC dragster who dialed a 7.48 he was out aways on me by the time I started coming down the track, I launched the car it was feeling good had to do a quick blip of the throttle as it started to spin hit the shift into second car was pulling hard hit third gear and it hauling ass! I went by the dragster and saw the win light come on ran a 6.506 at 213MPH new personal best on both sides. In the final round a dialed a 6.48 against Dewayne Sanders 6.78 dial we both took off him in the lead I got out about 60' and went into shake than the shift light came on hit second and the car broke loose and went right like I hit a slick spot on the track and crossed the center line........ The worst part about this is I had the race won Dewayne red lit :(

Front Engine Dragsters / Started the car last night
« on: May 17, 2016, 08:24:40 AM »
Pulled the car outside last night for the first start of the year, we will be at Woodburn Dragstrip this weekend

Roo Man's Room / Chute lever relocation
« on: December 27, 2015, 03:04:35 PM »
I am thinking of relocating my chute lever can I see some pics of locations on cars with a hand brake?

Gassers / Future Anglia project
« on: November 29, 2015, 05:47:41 PM »
It is in our shop but no end or even start date planned..... Just had to have it and plans are 302" SBC injected alky, 4 speed, slight chop, and a straight axle.

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Roo Man's Room / Fuel tank design
« on: October 29, 2015, 07:55:54 PM »
I am still in the planning stages of the rebuild on my car and just want to know what makes the best tank it will be a narrow tank all the way to nose of the car. Just slightly worried about the burp after the burnout with the 1 1/4 line. Also different types of vents I have had 3 different styles of vents one out the top with the coil, one out the bottoms of tank into the air gap below the cap, and the latest style is flapper in the cap that Gary Eickman built for me. Possibly thinking of going with the style like Parks uses.

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