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Spokane County Raceway Dragstrip in Spokane, WA is pulling together its first ever reunion event August 17 - 18th 2018. We want to bring together nostalgia nitro & alcohol cars and FX & SX cars as a "grass roots" event with simple goals ... to create an experience to showcase our rich Northwest drag racing history while gathering old friends together, and have fun. This event will also expose the “younger folks” who never directly experienced the early days of our sport to the excitement, sights, and sounds.

We are planning a simultaneous nighttime cackle, and for those who desire to get their cars on the pavement once again, burnouts, and solo short runs (less than 1/8 mile). This reunion will be a part of an event that will also have modern fuelers and jets competing to add to the fan draw.

If you may still own such a car hopefully you would be interested in participating and we extend a sincere invitation. Please let me know if you would be able to accept our invitation. Also, if you have any contacts who might want to participate, I would appreciate you forwarding this note to them. The more we can spread the word, the more cars. Thank you very much!

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