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Clint Dobbs:
Hello there FED lovers! Welcome to the new forum section of FrontEngineDragsters.org.

Looking forward to lots of good stuff here.
Thanks Clint

Green Manalishi:
CLINT! Haven't I seen you on FACEBOOK!

What's new buddy! :)

Mark Eckert

David Pace:
Thanks for the invitation, Clint, Glenn, rooman, & Spud!

Site looks awsome so far.

 Just signed on  but been looking around and made few post . Thinking Im going to really enjoy.  Tired of fighting all the RED's rule the world guys on other site.Can come here for little rest then return to battle them.

  Real men can watch whats going on with motor and rive the car at same time. For those who don't know me from other site I can be buit of Smartbutt    but its meant in fun.


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