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What did you do on your Front Engine Dragster TODAY?

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I looked at it and tried to decied what is the next task to address to get the Blower Install done.

Hey new here this seems pretty cool just like your car! On our FED we kept it warm and dry today

Look's good It's gonna be tough to see around that blower!

Not as tough as it would have been with the BarnDoor I had originally purchased.

Magic Mike Denton:
To see down the track with blown front engine cars, I pick a part of the wall and line it up with the hat and try to stay there. These cars move towards the side with less traction, so staying in the groove can be challenging. I love when my cars swerve, that gives me a nano second to see down the track. Night racing really gets your heart pumpin! A little tire haze is where its at, fun stuff for sure!


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