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72 Fighting Irish Car

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Tim Jones:
Here's mine, The 72 satilite Fighting Irish Car ,, well aleast the body is the original, the chassis is from the same time, I got it because It was one of the cars I watched run when I was a kid, I'll more than likey do it as just a display car, unless I hit that darn lottery, even trying to get the right motor parts is a pricey undertakeing,,,,, Still cool to have, but until then I'll keep working on the Comp Coupe,,  Tim Jones

I like GREEN!

Tim Jones:
Thanks Glenn, I figured you'd like the green,, It kinda grows on ya,, Tim Jones

Mr Froggy:
Ive seen that body before..............Wait, ive seen that garage before :D

Gitter Done Tim!!

Tim Jones:
No Problem  All it takes is time and money, Well I got lots of time aleast, Got to finish the comp coupe first,   stop by again,  Tim Jones


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