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winter upgrades?


 So what are you doing to upgrade racing program this winter?

With the supposed rash of leaks, I had last year that caused me to be shut off online. One changing the spray bar in the intake plenum to insure can not get fuel on butterfly's which caused 4 shutdowns before catching what was being called a leak. New fitting for most all of car. Adding pit cooler for transmission and oil. Rewire to clean up and simplify in case of failure should be easier to correct. Making few changes to the cockpit as far as switches(less to do the same job) and hopefully, new belts will be easier to self-adjust. As always looking for places to cut weight down. New bigger fuel cell not one of them but hopefully get me back to pits. New pushbar for 4 wheeler in case do not make it back.,LOL  New design zoomies are being finished now. (big weight loss). New intake design and bigger pistons will come a little later this year after get a handle on what I have so as to know the difference they hopefully make. Going up .125" bore and adding about 2,5 to 3:1 compression. so only couple things here.

You have W-A-Y more ambition than I do! Last Fall I drained the cooling and fuel system, and really scrubbed the slicks and dropped the pressure to about 2 PSI and put them in the basement of my house to keep them warm and out of UV and the dust and dirt I create in my shop welding, grinding and generally making a filthy mess. Now it's almost time to fill the water and gas, change the oil and maybe the rearend lube, put a slow maintenance charger on the battery and see if it still runs. Life is pretty simple with a footbrake, mild-engine, pump-gas FED

We aren't really trying to go faster since we bracket race only, but hope with more passes we can become more consistent. Looking forward to some nice days and evenings at the drag strip. Never know, we might venture farther away than just the two tracks closest to home.


It's nice to see people posting, i've been working on my knucklehead and at my age i'm slow.need welding done on the altered I can't any more my eyes too slow to focus.

We were at our first test 'n tune yesterday. Made 5 passes and disregarding the first pass the ET's were within .09 second of one another. Driver probably needs more runs to work on reaction time. A couple runs he was really good, a couple others....not so much.

We plan to make another TnT Friday evening and I might finally make a pass or two. I can guarantee they won't be all-out, just enough to say I drove it and then I'll hand the wheel back to the driver. ::) Then again maybe I'll be a natural, but I doubt it.


Good for you!you only get better with practice,study the lights so that you get the timing down and your reaction will improve.


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