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sinching lap belt

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Being one man team part of the time. I have no issue with shoulder straps. Lap belts will not sinch after fastened in. They are pull up to tighten type. The problem seems to be angle makes the buckle grip belt tight. Not bad at times that we hope never to see.

Wondering if any others have had a similar issue and what cured it. I have adjusted the belts hkaf dozen times so as to relocate buckle to different locations, but none have freed it up so I can sinch it. IDEAs?

Never had problems tightening but always tugging on belts to tighten them,it's always hard doing belts up by yourself they never seem to be in the right place. i've had problems loosening belts driving other people's cars, one time had two people help me they were tight. I had a routine, lap belt was close to where it would be attach the crotch strap shoulder strap pull lap belt then crotch strap then shoulder harness as tight as possible. i've seen people get hurt because the belts were loose!

Exactly Jeff
 I want them tight. I have crock belt set.\Normally loosen lap and shoulder. I fasten everything including arm restraints, helment strap and then sinch lap tight, then shoulder,back to lap belts and another tug on shoulders if feel too tight then I am close.

As said shoulder is no problem but getting lap tight is. I get it close but can not get to budge for last bit between snug and tight. 

I may have gotten tip on DRR. The sides are dwon low in seat and might need to be adjusted higher to keep buckles from binding when pulled for last bi.

I've never had good luck with the pull-up belts. I'm a one man show also. The cheap g-force pull down belts work best for me to get them tight. I've tried a lot of other belts before trying these.


--- Quote from: JEFF/21C on December 18, 2023, 08:30:13 AM ---... i've seen people get hurt because the belts were loose!

--- End quote ---
E.G., Dale Earnhardt RIP.


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