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getting straight bunrout

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 Been having a problem with car going sideways in burnout. Heck been having lots of issues this just one Not LOL.  Everytime I do burnout back end kick to the right almost at the hit. The few runs I had before this year did not have that issue. First are you or have you had same issue? If so what cured it.  Any thoughts as to why the car would walk to the right every time?

I first thought maybe to easy on the throttle in burnout, then remembered I have never been known for being easy on the throttle. Did change that some but no change in burnout. Think both tires are wet since rill through water and back into it and then do burn out.

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does it launch straight at the lights?could be that the water box is not level could be worn crooked, are you the only one  that  has that problem, you have to remember door cars have a wider track. we were allowed to do burnouts pass the lights because we didn't have front brakes, so we ran through the water and did our burnouts a little closer to the line.

Finnish Fireball:
Have you checked tire circumference? Try swapping slicks side to side? Equal tire pressure? Does this happen every track and on both lanes?

limited attempts at the track due to an ungodly string og of bad luck with stupid c rap happening. Most all have been left lane. Not sure about others and the issue. As for circumference I was within a 1/4".  Pressure is identical. Will try swapping tires around and see if it changes anything. Probably be next year before test. I have had few goow hits on line and seems fine there. They whewre two years ago as this year is my leak year, Everything xxxx thing on car hs seemed to leak. Found out last week that I was being called for fuel on the inside of the butterfly dripping onto intake and then they called it a leak. BS but is what it is.


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