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Still Haven't Raced At Our "Home" Track

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After quite a few test sessions at what was to be our "home track" we were finally ready to race my FED. But, lightening really fried the timing system for the 2nd time this year and racing was off for several weeks. So, we bit the bullet and towed 2+ hours, instead of less than 1 hour, to race at another nearby track. We actually really like the place but the extra hour of travel is kinda hard on Sunday morning plans when it goes really late.

So, this weekend our "home" track is finally going to be back in operation, but no regular bracket program, it's a YouTube poster special 2-day event? Huh? A What?

But we're anxious to race so I guess it's another 4+ hour round trip. In reality, I think I'd lean toward wanting to run at the track further from home....it's quite well arranged and the people are really friendly.


Whenever there are thunderstorms in our area the track shuts the place down, even if it is not raining. I read somewhere lightning can strike anywhere in a 20 mile radius. I hope you get lots of chances to run this fall.

I happened to be in the tower one evening talking to the lady who manages our "home" track when someone on one of the radios reported seeing a bolt of lightening in the distance. The manager turned FULL attention of everyone with a two-way radio to be on the lookout for lightening, and phones were fired up to weather sites that showed locations of lightening strikes. She said if there was a hit even 10 miles away she'd shut down the timing system. It actually got zapped 2 times this year and cost a LOT of $$


Word of caution. Running at home track seems to be my jinx right now. A track I tuned the first 3seond run at, Had track record of almost 9 years, Now every time I pull into the track something new decides to break.,

Ran for the 3rd time at the track further away. Got beat in the 3rd round on what was just an all-round bad run for us.....reaction time off of the more normal reaction for the driver, kind of a "soft" leave so a bad 60' time, and the engine temp was higher than normal at staging. Oh well....after 3 nights of racing we are at 6 wins, 3 losses and 1 breakout. Not too bad in my mind for a "new" car and a couple noobies. Having fun?....Oh Yeah!

The way the combined schedules are for the driver and me, and the programs coming up at the "home" track, we may not even run there this year. Other than the extra 1+ hour tow each way, I've come to prefer the track we've been running. People are really friendly and helpful and the layout of the track is nice.

Next time out will be 2 weeks from now.



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