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Chassis - paint, powdercoat or POR?

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Getting closer to having the FED together. Looking to put some form of protection over the chassis, but not sure whether to have a panel shop paint it, a shop to powdercoat or to DIY it myself with POR chassis coating.

Needs to be neat and tidy and presentable, but not show-car perfect (as an example, my panels are painted in purple metalflake, but not on the inside). Prefer something that I can touch up later if I damage it or need to ad a bracket tab.

Appreciate your experiences please.


Most cars that get powder coated eventually have to add welded on tabs, fix cracked welds or just have the stuff blister off somewhere.

My vote is acrylic enamel with hardner.

Would never pwdercoat a chassis for above reason. I know I will be adding or changing something. With paint sand off. weld touch up paint done.

Thankyou both - appreciated.


I really don't have anything different to add, but I too vote for paint. I know powdercoat is really held in high regard, but beyond the "need to add a bracket and can then just touch up the paint" I see a bigger problem with it. It's "so good" that it can flex to some extent.....it's basically plastic. That's where I have a problem with it in that if a joint is developing a crack paint will crack too and eventually a slight rust line might develop which might might be discovered and can be corrected before a big failure.

I did my FED chassis with a electrostatic paint system I have from my fabrication business days. Paint used was an enamel. Looks fine to me and MUCH cheaper than powdercoat too.



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