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controllinh rpm w/o 2 step.


Does anyone have a good system for controlling rpm w/o using the 2 step? I have a heavy tension stop that allows me to feel when the pedal is hitting it. It is adjustable. Not dead accurate. Probably two issues. The main one is diabetic neuropathy. The second is BV might need to be richened to take out some response. I tried setup 3 times today and the rpm was plus and minus 400, 800 swing got to be too much.

Open to suggestions, except use a two-step which I have and hate with a passion,

Why you hate the 2 step? I ran the 2 step on mine once and we did really good. But I tried to do something like youíre doing and sucked. Iím only worried about the blower with the 2 step

 First off with injection,I hate having barrel valve wide open and with K&R box you can not set apoint for it to open.It is preset at 1.1 before TB  release. Hat having engine mix cylinders and dropping cylinder with BV  wide open jsut seems wrong in too many ways. If could control throttle to say 3200 til .7 or less then let it go full bore and maybe hit 2 step at 5000 to 5600 I would be ok with it.

I found na off delay piece that allows me to set time to delay the sle going off. Which is when it goes full throttle and runs up on 2 steps. My goal is to get it set so that the throttle goes full open about .5 or less before launch. I am going to try to setup using RPM computer digital readings. Ironic thing is only 30 bucks for it and been trying to figure this out for year.

My suggestion may not work at all for you but I'll throw it out there.

I just bought a AutoMeter Level III shift light. It displays a digital tach and "launch" light that can be programed as well as up to 5 other shift points that can all be programed to light as desired. In addition, it has recall and up to 80 seconds of playback. I haven't put it on my FED yet but both I and the driver feel the launch light would be easier to see and that starting line RPM could be held more consistent than trying to watch an analog or digital tach. We're planning to run a no electronics bracket class and are trying to get more consistent on starting line procedure and thought having the launch light would be the 2nd best thing to moving to the next class that allowed 2-steps etc.

Maybe it's of no interest or possiblity of working for you but thought I'd mention it.

Best wishes.



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