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Backing up and staging straight.

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Hey guys!
We been having a bit of an issue backing the car and staging the car straight after the burnout.
The FED is blown and I canít see the frontend.

Any advice?!


I always made it a point to not do the half track show off burn out--I would toast them Stop--then ease back slow with the help of someone that really really knows about being in the right spot on the track--the "groove" is Critical to the entire run--learning exactly where that is--and having a back up person that truly understands exactly where that is is a must--stop short on burn out --back up slow with a seasoned helper--you will still be a minute ahead if not more of the show off--and chances are you will hook and they will not
Most miss the sweet spot by a foot because they don't know what they are shooting for--ask a professional racer to educate you on what to look for at the starting line.
care at that point will reward you more than you can imagine

So.......just what does one look for on the start line to find the sweet spot?


Thanks for the help guys, all is appreciated for sure

As a crew chief turn back to the driver I have always been outside to check the track and behind the car directing somebody as to what spot to put car in. Being in the seat is restricting my input to the line and the exact track I want. Aiming the car down the track is probably not as difficult since injected only and the injector has big v down the center. Plus I have a high chair seat position.

In your position In would try something like a bracket racer do with checking alignment with other car before launch to give idea how to drive dwon track. When pulling thru I would try to line car down track shooting an imaginary site thru an injector down the track. Aim it like shooting a bow and arrow instinct(no sights) Heck mount a crosshair on top of the injector and pick a  target down at top end and try to line it up.Ok mounting crosshair kind of joke but get the point across. Now as for perfect straight online, I am thinking that falls to a backup person to align you right when backing you up. As sugested about reading track ask someone who does it to help show whoever you have if any how to do right.

It is critical to be aim straight down track when hitting it hard. Also good for driver to feel confident about it.


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