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Partnerships for racing operation

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Figure a few here have had or do have a partnership race deal.

I have a fellow wanting to possibly do a deal where he supplies money for entry,travel and some of the cost for running car. I supply car trailer, truck maintain car,parts for car. He wants to attnde some races and work on car some and get company exposure so it is tax write off too of coarse,

While I am not craZY ABOUT IT IT WOULD CLEAR ONE obstacle of running the car more and allow me to get some parts I want for the car and a few backup parts. I think keeping ownership of all parts and pieces seperate is a plus in case shyt happens.

If you have had a partner in racing good or bad lets chat some. If you have not your opinion will be taken at face value to speak

I own the car and have a partner/sponsor deal.
So far so good.
PM your number and best time and I'll give you a call this week.

pm sent

Finnish Fireball:
Whenever money is involved put everything down on paper, make a written agreement. Protects both parties and saves from unnecessary arguments when memories start to fade.

be sure even if it's a friend that your on the same page , twice that i've been envolved with a partnership in racing it didn't work out there can only be one boss!


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