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KISS yolu not me!


Keep it simple stupid. Well that easy to say and hard as heck for me to do. I know it and preach it.It is one of those do as I say not as I do thing.

Prime exaple simple MFI.  you have pump,BV and 8 jets.Simple as it gets. No! I have to have either 16 nozzles,8 ports and a  fuel log in hat or 8 ports fuel log and down nozzles. Meaning lots of small nozzles and jetting with butt loads of calculations. I think if there was away to complicate taking a dump I would come up with it.

For you on good do as I say and never do as Chris,heck most wouldn't live thru some of it.LOL

lol, I do genuinely try to keep it simple and resist the notion to do trick Stuff.


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