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where to buy nitro other than Sunoco

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 I know there ore other sources of nitro out side on NHRA track and Sunoco. Looking for someone who sells it in SE area. In north Carolina would be awsome but pretty sure not happening. 

This past weekend we had huge price increase over night after trying to by the afternoon before. If going from 1600 for barrel(42 gal.) to 1890 then up 130 next morning. So basically 2020 from 1600 end of last yeat.  The jump over night after telling us sorry we will be back in korning is plain BS!

Not sure,  but I will check with my fuel guy.
Glad I went blown alky for now, bummer on costs though

i have never looked into it,  but  schumacher sells it, worth a look

Yea we have Anthony looking into that contact.Heck he walks into DSR and walks out with new msd mag 44,points box and coil, no questions ask. So if it can be gotten cheaper thru them he is our best bet. Problem is Indy to NC. Not many teams want to haul more than 42 gal. legal limit , even JFR guys get nervous if they have to have more because of screw up like dbl cutting a barrel.

if you find out a price make sure to post,  im a long ways off on my cackle car project, but might need to order a drum before it gets to high or obsolete


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