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Glory Days - Byron IL - July 16-18,2021


Anyone on the forum taking a car to the Glory Days Nostalgia Drags next weekend July 16-18, 2021? I'm not affiliated in any way, and just found out about it. I hope to be there Friday or Saturday. It's about 6 Hr. from home but sounds like a great time. Included is a car show and swap meet. Hope to find a couple parts to add to the collection I've been gathering for a future FED build.



As a FWIW, I did attend the Glory Days nostalgic drags at Byron, IL on Saturday. LOTS of cars of all descriptions and almost continuous action from about 11:00 AM until we left about 4:00 or 4:30PM. They still had about 1 hour of afternoon racing to go and then were going to race under the lights until about 9:00PM.

Probably one of the most interesting people I talked with was an 84 year old gentleman running a Pontiac powered FED. Really fun to talk with. He had been drag racing for a L-O-N-G time and talked about the FED being the most fun of all the cars he's raced!

I'm already looking forward to them having Glory Days again in 2022!



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