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Over the years I've sometimes read or seen things that have really hit the button and re fired the engine for me.

Once in the 1980's I was struggling with my driving and saw a side bar piece in a magazine story about a top fuel bike racer. Can't remember what it was now but it just resonated and fixed my dramas on the spot!  When I had changed from a clutch-auto to a converter transmission I couldn't get it off the line cleanly and read a piece from Gale Banks where he stated they had Prostock engines in boats that left from idle,  that got my brain juices thinking about how he had them set up and I adopted his thinking toward my set up and away we went.

I've read stuff from Don Garlits,  Shirly Muldowney and other big names but they just haven't had the same effect on me. Have any of you read or can recommend any stories, books etc to help others?



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