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Nostalgia Races
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:50:47 PM »
The best list is at  but this could be a good place to fill in the blanks and to bring up the different organizations putting them on.
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Re: Nostalgia Races
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 01:02:51 PM »
The best list is at  but this could be a good place to fill in the blanks and to bring up the different organizations putting them on.

This seem full of good information so I brought it over. the links did not come with it but I'm sure if you plug them into your search you will find them.

Nostalgia Drag Racing Groups

There are a number of groups of nostalgia and nostalgia–like racers that run their own circuits or have booked–in shows. After giving it some thought, I have decided to list these groups separately. I will give a link to their web site if there is one. With the links, changes and additions can be followed by a click of your mouse rather than me having to figure out when updates are needed and post them. You may notice some of the dates will overlap with the races listed above as these folks often participate in nostalgia races beyond their individual bookings. I would note that I am sure I have missed a bunch. If you aren't listed and want to be, send me an email. The listing is alphabetical.


All American Fuel Dragsters, Inc. Strange that the first listing doesn't really run a circuit or book shows. To quote from their web page, "The purpose of the association is to harmonize Front Motored Top Fuel Teams, and coordinate goals with track operators and promoters. Our intent is to further develop and promote Front Motored Top Fuel drag racing in a safe and professional manner, and to be actively involved in the rules making decisions in which we race by." Members participate in many of the big nostalgia top fuel races in the country.


Central State Gasser Association The epicenter of this group is Oklahoma.


Carolina Gassers Promoting heads up racing with classic gassers.


Classic Gassers Gassers with ’65 and older body styles with some exceptions. See their web page. Primary focus appears to be the “Deep South.”


Dixie Classic Funny Cars & Fuelish Friends These folks want to make a clear distinction between “Newstalgia” and “Nostalgia.” They are promoters of the latter. Their focus is ‘60s and ‘70s Funny Cars. I believe they have teamed up with the Southern Slingshots these days.


East Coast Gassers The motto on their logo is "Drag racing as it used to be!!!" Their cars must look period correct – pre '68 bodies, no snorkel scoops, no aero wings, period correct wheels, and so on.


Front Engine Dragsters Association This is the first organization for front engine dragsters in the U.S. They organized the Slingshot Nationals, which appears to be on hiatus for now.


Gasser Gang of Western New York Willys, Henry J, Austin, and Anglia are the focus of this group.


Gasser Racing Series, Inc. New York based group, and no, you don’t have to have a gasser. They race a series at Empire Dragway.


Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit A circuit of 70’s and 80’s style Funny Cars running on alcohol. A requirement of the circuit is that they be as period correct as possible with no modern aerodynamic body modifications.


Mid–West Gasser Association This is pretty much what it sounds like.


Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racers Association (MANDRA) Pre '73 body styles with a nostalgic appearance.


National Muscle Car Association While not strictly a nostalgia group, they do have drag race classes for nostalgia muscle cars. I have included them so nostalgia muscle car enthusiasts can find their scheduled events, which I am no longer including in my schedule.


North East Nostalgia Drag Racing Association (NENDRA) Any American made vehicle from 1961 to 1974. This will allow all cars from the “muscle car” era to participate. All cars in competition must run between 12.50 and 8.50. A Pro .500 tree will be utilized to limit foul starts. The object here is to create a safe, competitive venue for showcasing vehicles from the  “Golden Age of Drag Racing.”


North East Timing Organization (NETO) Pre '74 cars in the form of Front Engine Dragsters, Funny Cars, Altereds, Gassers, Super Stocks, and Stockers running in two eliminator brackets. They do the bracket racing part a little differently and the info is on their web site.


Nostalgia Drag Racing League This is a group based on nostalgia index racing using a .400 pro tree. The slowest index is 10.00, so I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of flatheads.


Nostalgia Pro Comp Association This Midwest and East Coast association was formed embracing the ideals of NHRA's original Pro Comp category. The started with only Front Engine Dragsters, pre '79 Funny Cars, and Altereds. As of 2011 they’ve expanded to include pre ’80 Funny Cars and pre’73 Door Cars and Trucks. There are indexes ranging from 7.00 through 11.00 in the 1/4 mile with equivalent 1/8 mile indexes.


Nostalgia Super/Stock, Inc. This group features Super Stock cars of the ‘60s. Their goal is to provide a show made up of ‘60s style Super Stock cars that are “Legends of the Past.” You’ll be seeing no swoopy streamlined modern hood scoops here.


Nostalgia Quick Series A Midwestern group of primarily center steer, front motor enthusiasts that run a Quick 8 series. They describe it as Altered and Front Engine Dragsters running 4.99 and quicker in the 1/8 mile only. Dial in handicaps on a 0.4 pro tree. The link goes to their message board.


Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racers (ONDR) A group of nostalgia drag racers, enthusiasts, and historians who are interested in promoting the sport of “old style racing,” according to their web site.


Open Top Fuel This group wants to do things the way I would like to see them done – giving a venue for VRA legal newstalgia, open top fuel with things VRA doesn't allow, and real nostalgia. Even a way to race genuine classics that don't meet current certification.


Outlaw Fuel Altereds Blown alcohol and nitro altereds (center steer cars). No one would mistake these fuel altereds for late sixties fuel altereds, but if the class had carried on, this is probably what it would have evolved to. Often participate in nostalgia races. Amazingly fun to watch.


Outlaw Gassers Association This is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based group racing gassers that are as true to ‘60s and older gassers as possible and still pass modern tech. Cars must be 1960 or older except 1965 and older Novas and Falcons with straight axles. All the rules are here.


Pro Nostalgia Association Front motored nostalgia or newstalgia cars capable of 7.99 or quicker.


Senior Drag Racing Association A spin–off of the HAMB/Gas Rail–type of car, but permitting automatic transmissions and modern carburetors. Most of their races are in Tulsa, but they do some traveling, too. Their disclaimer: “NOTE: The SDRA is not affiliated with the Jalopy Journal, the H.A.M.B., or the HA/GR class of dragsters. However, the HA/GR dragsters currently meet our rules and are more than welcome to join and compete at SDRA events.”


Southern Slingshots A group dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the original dragster whether short wheelbase altereds or longer front engined dragsters, paraphrased from their web site.


Southwest Heritage Racing Association This is a new group primarily out of Texas that combines the scheduling of several racing groups and events in addition to having a nostalgia class structure of its own.


Southwest Junior Fuel Association A mostly Texas-based group of injected alcohol front-engine dragster group that runs a points series. It looks like a mix of “newstalgia” and nostalgia dragsters.


Texas Blown Fuel Association A mostly Texas-based group of blown front engine dragsters, altereds, and pre-1973-bodied Funny Cars.


Texas Outsiders Nostalgia Super Stocks Index racing with Nostalgia Super Stock for ‘60s cars and Nostalgia Muscle Car for ‘60s and ‘70s cars. Check out their rules. Note for 2010 – As I put this together for this year, it looks like the last activity on the web site was mid-2009. I’m not sure how viable this is for 2010. If someone knows, please let me know.


The Texas Timing Association If I may quote member Ed Miller, this “is a group of racers who love and race traditional styled drag race cars. A number of former national champions run their original unrestored dragsters and altereds from the 50’s and 60’s with the TTA.  They are present at many events on the traditional drag racing circuit each year, including the Texas Thaw and the Day of the Drags.  The TTA brings cars for cacklefests at the Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup, the Vintageair Reunion, and the Billetproof Car show.”  TTA stages the Texas State Championships.


Vintage Drag Racing Association, Flathead–Inline This used to be Flatheaders of Denver, Inc. & Vintage Timing Association. This is the only flathead drag racing organization I know about and they have now branched out to all years of inline cars as well, regardless of which direction the valves point. They have a circuit that hits the tracks of Colorado and a few in adjoining states.


Western Fuel Altereds Another “newstalgia” fuel altered group similar to the Outlaw Fuel Altered group, this time on the West Coast. Whether you think these are nostalgia or not, you’ve got to love them.


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Re: Nostalgia Races
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2013, 12:11:44 PM »
Hi All,

We have a few dates coming up and should be posted on our site in the coming week(s).


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Re: Nostalgia Races
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2013, 12:44:38 PM »
Hi Guys,
Dixie Classic Funnycars and Fuelish friends is defunct. After Don Gatleff died, so did the group. I was gonna be one of those "fuelish friends" but oh well.

Mike L in Ga
Mike L in Ga.