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Bushing or Needle Bearing


For you long glide users, do you use a bushing or needle bearing in your tailshaft in a FED? Just wondering the do's and dont's. Thanks...

I use a bushing. Same bushing and seal for over 10 years. No leaks, no issues.
Mark S

needles bearings require a coupler or yoke etc that is designed for needles and I think is hardened different--Mark Williams and others offer them both ways--I would just go bushing--a needle there can cause premature wear on wrong coupler and any drag reduction would be next to nothing--bushing is way less trouble potential 

Yes a roller bearing tail housing requires a different yoke. Either is fine, as long as the alignment is corret the wear should be minimal.

Thanks everyone, I have a hardened coupler for needle brg. so that is what i will use.


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