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Here's the gearset. I guess someone at one point made straight cut gear sets for a 1.82 carrier.


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--- Quote from: jlesliel on December 22, 2020, 03:20:44 PM ---It's stamped steel.

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Some racers will tell you that the 1.82 gearset is weak, due largely to the stamped steel planetary carrier. Here is what my transmission supplier told me to do to make them survive.

The 1.82 will fail because the twelve pinion shafts will flex in the stamped housing, leading to the pinion gears to moving around. Using silicon bronze rod TIG weld each shaft on both ends with three small beads to essentially fuse the entire carrier assembly into one large unit, significantly increasing its strength. Go slowly so as not to anneal the heat treatment on the pins.

At the power levels I'm using I have not had a 1.82 planetary / carrier failure.

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 I have never had anything that did have a failure.LMAO Heck I broke a lenco 3 spd in a injected 454 bracket car. Yea nobody in right mind would run a lenco in bracket car,but hey it was different.


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