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Fuel tank?


My friend has a 2002 vw beetle that has been sitting since 2013, it was his daughter’s car.  He asked me to help him get it running, he has only basic tools and although very smart, not with cars.  The battery showed .5 volts, it needed a battery which we replaced.  We turn the ignition on to see how much gas is in it, and it shows full tank.

He knows it needs a State emission test to register for new plates, and old gasoline might make the engine fail the emission test.  I try to siphon the gas out of the tank.  The rubber hose goes down about 12 inches and stops.  I did manage to siphon out about ˝ cup before it stopped flowing.  The gasoline is not clear, it has a golden-brown color.
I try again and again with different type hoses to get further than 12 inches into that tank.  After looking up a picture of the gas tank, now we see the filler tube goes down 12 inches, then takes an immediate 90 degree turn, then goes 12 more inches before it enters the top of the tank.  This 90 degree turn is what stopping my siphon hose.  I think vw engineers added this 90 degree turn to prevent any siphoning.

Anyone have an easy idea how to drain gas out of this vw, the tank holds 14 gallons.  If it were the race car, it’d be easy…  Alan

I presume its EFI? Maybe pump the gas out using the EFI fuel pump. Maybe hook up a hose to the fuel return line into a can?
Don't try to start it with cloudy gas. It may gum up the injectors.

Yes on EFI with electric pump.  That was my first thought as well to not try starting.  I haven’t looked at the fuel line layout in engine compartment but will check that out next time over there, the top of the engine was hidden by a square plastic cover.

Some EFI systems have a Schraeder valve to check rail pressure. (I know Fords do.) If so you could remove the valve core and pump it out from there. Or split the line...

I will check for the Schraeder valve, that would be an easy solution, just what I was looking for, thank you for information.


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