Author Topic: For Sale SPE and C&A blower starters  (Read 814 times)

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For Sale SPE and C&A blower starters
« on: October 27, 2020, 12:49:42 PM »
For Sale, SPE offset starter/cables/battery tray. We used this starter to fire up a KB olds Blown Alky motor for 4 years. Finally went to the RCD set up.   Needs a new switch.  Comes with spare chain, sprockets.  I rebuilt the Hex drive and have a custom bolt on socket for the blower pulley.  Custom aluminum chain cover.  These things were all kind of built one off from what I have seen.

We ran the starter with 24V.

SPE $500 plus shipping

Childs and Albert vintage starter.
I have never used it. it is rough.
$50.00 plus shipping.

Email for photos.  I tried to attach a couple and it did not work.

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Re: For Sale SPE and C&A blower starters
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2020, 05:23:01 PM »
I am sending you and email for pics of the old C&A starter . I will be using my wife's email (opalmanta).