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ATi vs Reid PG case

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Going to have to get a legal transmission case. FI is out of stock. Jegs has cpl two piece as does summit. Trying to see if both have a BBM bell I can change out, Beats xxxx out of mid plate as adapter. Loosing 14lbs when swapping out this JW does not hurt anything,

Any real difference in ATI which summit has and Reid which jegs has?

The one difference I do know of is Reid has an adjustment for the brake release. You can take some of the initial hit out of it.

JrFuel Hayden:
In our jrfuel car we use a Reed case because we race heads up .05 pro tree NHRA Heritage and NHRA Comp Elim .06 full tree , so we can adjust [ slow down] the release of the brake.
We just have to get it creditied, every 3 or 5 years.

They are all pretty much thesame minus the dump restrictor that Reid has.

dump restrictor? Is that what the bolt on rear of JW is.It is to upper left of case. Not issue if running box but can see where could help if no box. But heck old guys rarely need to slow down reaction times. LMAO


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