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Don Munyon:
 A few years ago I was giving serious thought to building a replacement chassis for my old front end dragster. After doing a bunch of research it look like the FED build would actually be three projects. (1) make a chassis jig, (2) cut the tube ends for near perfect fit and (3) finally assembling & welding the chassis. The chassis jigs mostly seemed overly complicated in order to assist in measuring and the fitting of the tubes. In the machine shop we referred to this as "file and fit at final assembly" (that is sarcasm).
 That brings me back to the tube notching operation, in my mind I should be able to take a precise measurement and then cut the tube for a precise joint. In fact all the tubes could be precut from a detailed drawing, but that may be stretching a little bit. So my first project Iíd like to share if thereís no objection is the building of a new type of tube notcher. After all we know the world needs another tube notcher.

Paul New:
Everyone wants to buy the next best thing!  Seriously though I have been thinking about buying the Baileigh TN250 my notcher is a nice JD2 but I see times where I would like some of the features of the Baileigh.  Have fun with the build of your car

Don Munyon:
Thanks Paul. My problem is that the tube notcher that I would like doesnít seem to exist, except for some very expensive plasma tube cutters. Most notchers cut one end and then you try to made the second end to the correct length and clocked right with a "Sharpie Marker"! What I would like to be able to do is cope one end reposition and cope the second end and be complete. This could be done with a vertical mill on short tubes but once you change the angle of the head you have lost your position. So my goal is to make a notcher that would do this, but keep the cost reasonable and make it not too complicated (sometimes thatís a real challenge for me) LOL.

Don Munyon:
So, the design Iím working on would be like a small lathe with a small 3 jaw chuck at one end to hold the tube and a carriage that you could move with a drill and hole saw cutter mounted to it. I would like to think that it could cut a notched tube to 40 inches or so out of a full length of tubing, no rough cutting to length. It would cut at a range of angles and have precise positioning, I have purchased a number of parts and pieces for it and hopefully itíll work as planned.

Paul New:
Hmmm interesting I will like to see your progress on this


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