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welded reverse clutches?

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Waiting on new parts before reassembly and checking other possibles. Funny thing is I went to oder parts straight from FTI and with shipping cost I thought lets try jegs.Same items same price and no shipping cost. I try to support small guys first,but hey 45 bucks is lot to throw away too.

Replaced all reverse clutches .Fiber and steels. Found nothing wrong except delay box loc out screwed u\p. So looks like its all on driver.crew chief and guess also car owner this time. Wait that means its always going to be on me. LOL Oh well I built it,I tune it,I drive it and I brake it.Good thing is I am only one paying for it. LMAO . I liked it lot better when a hollower upstairs to dad and parts arrived few days later. Man I miss those days,

Ray Hadford:
Hi   .... Food for thought. ...

We run a 225 in. front motor dragster with a trans brake glide. ... 388 supercharged small block on methanol....  1700 pound car with driver.   low 6.70 s and 203. mph are common runs on a good track.   1.01- 1.03   60 foots are also common.

A couple of years ago we discovered the number "One thousand and twenty fifth" way to loose a race. We were at Woodburn Oregon,  Pro Nostalgia drags. 

Round two, our car left the starting line normally, moved about 20 feet shuddered and leaped in the air like a frog.   At one time, it had all 4 wheels off the ground, per the announcer in the tower. 

I let up and shut down.. and we towed the car off the track.  I thought for sure we had broke a ring and pinion and it had locked up.

The  car rolled free after all that and the gears in the rear end looked ok, as viewed through a large fill plug opening in the top of the housing.   WTF... ???

Fortunately we have the trans brake activation voltage instrumented in our Race Pak system. We were able to look at the activation as it matched to the initial launch.  The trans brake switch had applied and released many times during the first 1/2 second of the run... my hand had already moved to the shifter lever. My thumb was not on the button.

We were able to test the transbrake /  switch button activation and found that it was right on the edge of activating and the slightest vibration would set it off, and cause multiple activations and releases.

A new , different switch design solved the issue...  That won't happen again.  We are now searching for the next SNAFU..   :)   

Ray H. 


Paul New:
I watched Rays pass it was pretty dramatic looking


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