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Wierd Happenings


Last time out with the car we had one of those 1 in a million, will never happen again events.
Pulled the chute, it blossomed and then then engine shut down by itself? Check of the gauges and no light, meaning no power, hmmm that's odd. Check of the switches and they are all are on? Get stopped, get out and find that the emergency disconnect switch on the back has the key hanging off on the safety line. Pick it up to find it is broken in half. Obviously when the chute came out it hooked the key, switched it off and snapped it off. The broken piece was still in the switch.
What weird things have you had happen.


--- Quote from: Rat on March 07, 2020, 12:35:30 AM ---What weird things have you had happen.

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I normally keep my car in the enclosed hauler at the back of my property with it hooked up to shore power and a trickle charger to keep it on full charge. But last spring it was so rainy I had to drag it up into my driveway and leave it there. With no trickle charger. Little did I know the alternator was defective and it was the trickle charger that had been keeping the battery charged. Over the course of the racing season the charge started to go down slowly. Since the engine is fired by a magneto the performance of the car was virtually the same. But since the fuel pump, water pump, cooling fan, trans cooler fan, delay box, lights, trans brake, delay box, etc were slowly draining the battery things started getting weird and my reaction times started drifting all over the place. Midway thru the season I discovered my problem and corrected it, along with adding a volt meter. Live n learn.

Had an odd one with a shifter cable adjustment.

Tested at Sacramento, car ran, shifted fine, looked great.  We put it in the box, the next weekend, drove to Famoso (6hrs), warmed it up and made a pass.  Wouldn't shift into 1st gear.  Had to adjust the cable.  Ever since that day (10 odd years ago), i warm up and make sure it is hitting each gear clean, and check adjustment on the cable, in each position.  Never had the problem again.   

Not sure, to this day, how a cable changes adjustment when both lock nuts are tight, and no one touches the car for a week. 


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