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Foot braking, what works best for you guys?


I have always brought the rpm's up to where the truck or car wants to creep and then I bump in and hold it there until the light comes down.  I don't like flashing the converter too much as I have roasted the tires before, and that doesn't win too many races.   

In my footbrake car (well, actually its a handbrake car) I want the driver to hold it at as high an rpm as he can without a chance of it creeping thru the beams. But that it not how to stage the car which requires a lower rpm to get it staged consistently

With a fast reacting car I would just leave from an idle.
With a slower car I would prestage bring RPM to what ever I felt would give me a good reaction time and then bump in.

when i'm leaving off a foot/hand brake, i prestage then bring up RPM to pre-determined RPM and bump in

From what i've seen - foot brake converters are usually pretty loose compared to a transbrake converter

Good stuff guys.


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