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Parachutes? which one do you like and why?

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Looking for the best chute for my truck, and I would love to have your opinion.

Very dependent on how heavy it is and how fast you are going.

I've ran most brands over the years.

I like simpson shroud lines, DJ canopies and Stroud "bag in a bag" technology.

I've added Stroud bags to my DJ chutes. 

DJ provides the best service i've found.  Chutes go thru xxxx. They are a maintenance item for sure (if used regularly)

I can provide pics if wanted to the bag in a bag deal.  It makes packing them so nice....I pull both chutes every run, so we get a lot of practice. :)

My truck weighs 3000 lbs. and should run 155-160 in the quarter.

I would call DJ Safety and see what chute they recommend.  That was how i sized mine a few years ago.


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