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Hi guys, I am new to the site. I found out about it through Fuel injection Ent. I have a 1958 Chevy apache 3100 step side truck. 572 Aluminum Keith black chevy, 90's pro stock tunnel ram, twin 1050 dominators, mallory super mag 3, 15:1 compression, brodix bb2 plus heads flowed and ported by EPD. Hughes custom built turbo 400, Alston cage, and back half, profab 9 inch rear end, 5:14 richmond gears and strange axles. I am hoping to run B or C gas depending on how fast the truck really is. It's been a 23 year project that I am hoping will be done by the first of april.     

Finnish Fireball:
Welcome to this quiet forum, truck sounds nice let's see some pictures?

Hi Fireball. Your ride sounds quick. I am hoping to run low 8's, but we'll have to see. It's 4300 feet here in Reno and in Fallon, so low 9's is what I am stooting for here. But, at sea level I am hoping for low 8's. I 'll try to get you some photo's.. 


Norcal Nostalgia will be @ Top Gun in May. Look forward to meeting you.



Greg, I look forward to it. I am so excited to finally get the truck to the track. Do you run and Sacramento and Bakersfield? I am hoping to run at both this year. 


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